Our Zoom Speaker Program - June to October 2021

28th June 2021

Pompey Pals in World War One

Chris Pennycook

26th July 2021

Looking Up at the Sky - 

50 years as an RAF pilot

Sid Adcock

23rd August 2021

The Population Bomb - Ready to blow

Keith Stevens

27th September

Two Sets of Medals

Kevin Patience

25th October

Smuggling in Dorset and Hampshire

Bonny Sartin

29th November 2021

Stages in the development of a "Bean Counter"

John Hamilton

Here is a list of potential talks for 2022 - this is a work in progress so they are not guaranteed 

31 - Jan    Jeff Evans                           The Questionable History Of The TV Quiz Show
28 - Feb    Jenny Malin                        A Grandmothers Legacy - The Life And Times Of Anglo Indians
28 - Mar    David Innes (Brig. Retd.)    The Story Of Pegasus Bridge
25 - Apr    Steve Bird                           Industrial Relations At Ford During The 1970's And 1980's
23 - May    Ian Gibb                             The Work Of Trinity House
27 - Jun    Mike Austin                         Immunotherapy - The Cure For Cancer From Within
25 - Jul    Chris Mullins (Cdr. Retd.)     Submarines in WW2
22 - Aug  Dr. Bob France                     The Rise And Fall Of Emma Hamilton
26 - Sep  Sarah Farley                        The Work Of The Hampshire Records Office
31 - Oct   John Hope                          Time Through The Ages
28 - Nov   Paul Booy                           Lady Spies In The Cold War