Due to the Coronavirus Disease (Covid19) we have not been meeting in person. However, we have now "taken the plunge" and are starting to do so. Our first "live" meeting is on 25th October at the Weyhill Fair.

Details of our program of talks can be found from the link on this page or by clicking here

Other News and Information - During the Covid crisis our "blog" was updated with items of interest. Some are mentioned below.​​

  • Memories of Andover - Cyril Berry who was mayor of Andover and editor of the Andover Advertiser for many years wrote an article for the Rotary Club of Andover in the '90's. His daughter Gay Gray has kindly let us have a copy which may be of interest to members. It is published in the blog and you can go directly to it by clicking this link. You can also click on the button to download a copy. It will have a strange name so rename it when you download it.

  • Images of Andover - Cyril also provided some pictures of "old Andover". They are published onthe blog and you can also see them by clicking this link

  • Covid Reflections - We wait in hopeful anticipation to see if the vaccination program will allow us to meet again in person this year. Here are two videos which offer positive reflections on the Covid pandemic; one at "The start of the pandemic" and the other, "A Scottish Hogmanay" celebration. Click on the links to see them. 

  • Latest Report on our Zoom talks - the reports page has been updated. Read Barrie's reports on all our Zoom activities

  • Greater hearing clarity when using ZoomOne of our members reports the following. I was having, as I have at other Zoom meetings and talks, great difficulty in hearing clearly and fully understanding what was being said. I tried listening with and without my hearing aids in, I purchased new separate speakers, headphones and ear mics, all without any improvement. It was suggested to me that a loop system might help.  I therefore purchased a loop system specifically for hearing aid users; I hadn't realised that such a device  was available.  The loop hangs around the neck, plugged into the headphone socket on the computer (or iPhone, laptop etc.) and with the hearing aids set to the loop (T) I was for the first time able to hear more clearly what was being said.  I know several Probus members have hearing aids and I thought this information might be useful to them if you were able to pass it on any time, in case any has been having similar difficulties.

  • A new addition to the Blog - Amusing quotes - (thanks to comedian Steven Wright)

  • Hampshire HistBites You might like to take a look at this site. It is a history and heritage podcast created by the volunteers behind Winchester Heritage Open Days. There are lots of episodes - try the "Winchester Geese" for example - it contains some surprising revelations! Click here to go to the site.

  • Zoom - If you do not have Zoom on your computer, Note Pad, iPhone etc. then click on this link and follow the instructions: download Zoom for your PC, Mac, tablet or phone

  • How to use Zoom - Click on this link to go to some advice produced by Zoom on how to use the program.. 

  • Digital skills toolkit - for anyone who isn’t quite sure how to use a computer, or wish to improve their skills, the Government has launched a new digital skills toolkit. This provides free on-line short courses (some by The Open University) on a wide range of topics -useful for beginners and also for advanced users: Government IT Skills Toolkit

  • Covid19 - Over 4 million people are helping fight Covid by reporting daily. The data is used to aid research on this virus. The study is supported by the UK governments and the NHS and run via Kings College, London. You can find more information and download the app. for your phone or tablet at: Covid study