Share - to Amuse or Inform

Some (or maybe most) of our members share items of interest with each other via e-mail - amusing or amazing images, videos, all sorts of articles of interest and so on. Many of the ones I receive come from Roland Treby although John Bowman, Ron Bryan, Peter Phipps and others have also contributed.


Converting these files from e-mails into well-presented web pages is time consuming and they have been collecting in my mailbox for some time. Rather than leaving them "sleeping" there I have decided to do a "messy job" and simply print them as .pdf files and post them to the web site. It means that some can look a bit muddled with titles appearing alongside the wrong image and so on but they can still be viewed and enjoyed. Here are the first batch. If Andover Probus members have anything of this sort they would like to share do e-mail them to me (or better still, if possible, send them as Word documents). I do reserve the right to leave out the rude or actionable however! 

Click on the link to go to the relevant "document". It will open in a new Window.